About Us

Cyclo Fans (Aust) Pty. Ltd. was founded in 1947 by Mr Alan Dowse. Since then, the company has been manufacturing a wide variety of exhaust fans and was one of the first to produce the vertical discharge fan.

Utilising the Dowse engineering program, developed by Alan Dowse and George Lorette, Cyclo fans are engineered and designed to stringent specifications in order to provide optimum performance and reliability.


  • Suitable for even the quietest of applications
  • Australian made, using Australian materials where possible
  • Easy to use and maintain, meaning less complications for your customers
  • Deliver high performance from a small size unit e.g. the V38 can handle 3.5 x 1 meter canopy
  • Allow for the use of smaller duct sizes, as they can handle high pressure levels
  • Motors are totally enclosed for protection against grease build up
  • Lightweight, produce low noise and have a long life span
  • Designed, researched and tested by engineers for maximum performance and reliability
  • All fans come backed by our high-quality customer care services and reliable technical support