Honeycomb Filters

Honeycomb Filters – Stainless Steel and Aluminium

Honeycomb Filters at 50mm depth, available in aluminium and stainless steel or our extremely popular Hybrid model. Ready made or custom made to suit your commercial extraction hoods.  Proudly manufactured in Melbourne

  • Filters are made from Robust Aluminium Extruded Frame.
  • Filters Made To Any Size.
  • Inserts are made from Aluminium Coil crimped to herringbone honeycomb pattern.
  • Galvanised Retractable Handles.

Nonstandard sizes are available.

Aluminium Honeycomb
FHCA.295.495.50 295mm 495mm 50mm
FHCA.295.595.50 295mm 595mm 50mm
FHCA.380.455.50 380mm 455mm 50mm
FHCA.394.495.50 394mm 495mm 50mm
FHCA.394.622.50 394mm 622mm 50mm
FHCA.495.495.50 495mm 495mm 50mm


Stainless Steel Honeycomb
FHCS.380.455.50 380mm 455mm 50mm
FHCS.394.495.50 394mm 494mm 50mm
FHCS.394.622.50 394mm 622mm 50mm
FHCS.495.495.50 495mm 495mm 50mm


Aluminium frame with stainless steel honeycomb media to maximise performance with the advantage of being lightweight and durable.

Hybrid Honeycomb
FHHC.380.455 380mm 455mm 50mm
FHHC.394.495 394mm 495mm 50mm
FHHC.394.622 394mm 622mm 50mm
FHHC.495.495 495mm 495mm 50mm