Suitable for commercial kitchen exhaust applications, the V30 vertical exhaust fan from Cyclo features specially designed impellers that allow for maximum airflow at high pressure levels. Made in Australia from high-quality materials, the mixed flow aluminium alloy impellers in this fan are capable of providing high pressure characteristics over a range of flows.

With an approximate weight of 25 kilograms, the V30 vertical exhaust fan features a weatherproof galvanised steel casing and an externally vented motor enclosure that makes it ideal for kitchen environments.

Performance Image

Technical Data

Model No. Fan Speed Rev/Min K.W Amps Volts Approx Noise Level @ 3mtr (dBA) Motor Shaft mm IP Rating
V30-184-SP * 1360 0.18 1.35 240 55 16 44
V30-374-SP * 1400 0.37 2.30 240 57 16 44
V30-374-3P 1360 0.37 1.04 415 57 14 55

* VARIABLE SPEED WITH A CYCLO VSS - Note: Requires 4 cable install from switch to fan motor


Dimensions Image
A 580mm
B 455mm
C 100mm
D 45mm
E 310mm
F 365mm

Typical Industries & Applications :
Hospitality | Commercial Kitchens, Food Trucks, Mobile Food Containers
Manufacturing | Welding, Powder Coating, Spray Painting, Glue Works, Fibre Glassing
Warehousing / Office | Ablution Block, Heat Extraction
Extraction of Heat, Toxic Gas and Hazardous Gas options

Description Vertical Exhaust Fan
Model V30
Int. Flange Dia 310 mm
Fixing Vertical, Roof Mounted
Features High performing, robust and light weight
Locally owned and manufactured in Melbourne (Australia) since 1947
EPA Compliant, Australian & NZ Standards Compliant
Impeller Each impeller is individually designed and manufactured to precise specifications for maximum airflow at high pressure
Hand crafted and balanced
Aluminium alloy
Mixed flow type impellers (axial flow and centrifugal design)
Enclosure Galvanized steel casing and waste resistant motor enclosures
Motor mounted outside airstream
Supplied with associated flanges
Motor Typical CMG, Typical Weg
Phase(s) Single Phase Only
Custom Motors Hazard Area Motors
– Ex ‘d’ Flame, Ex ‘e’ Increased Safety, Ex ‘n’ Non-Sparking, Dust Ignition Proof, Bush Fire Code Compliant
Circuit Breaker Separate Current rated circuit breaker (IEC/EN 60947 approved) must be installed between the motor and building power supply.
Circuit breaker overload should be set to suit motor’s amp draw.
Control Option(s) 5A Variable Speed Switch (Available)
2 Speed Switch (N/A)
Cyclo VSD Plug-Ins (Available)
(Plug ins available: Temperature sensor, CO2 sensor, Airflow / Pressure sensor, Smoke sensor)
Weight 20 – 25kg
Installation Fan Unit: Roof Plumber, Canopy Maintenance / Installer
Electrical Connections: Licensed electrician
Transport Top load only
Ensure impeller has not been exposed to wet weather.
Any water inside the motor housing can damage the motor.

* All performance curves are approximates * Please contact our consultants for accurate data.

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