Variable Speed Drives


CYCLO VSD By Cyclo Fans

New and exclusive to Cyclo Fans. Easy to install and use, the Cyclo VSD by Cyclo Fans is a general purpose variable speed drive that can be configured to suit many applications. Offering precise motor control at the touch of a button, the Cyclo VSD allows users to switch easily between industrial, pump and fan modes.

IP66 Switched. Single phase & three phase output. On-board isolator, speed potentiometer and low speed-off-high speed switch. Ideal for wall mounting in damp, dusty environments. Indoor use only. 14 parameter basic set-up making it easy to use. Built in EMC filter. Other features include an internal Category C1 EMC filter for installation cost and time savings, an internal PI control, an internal brake chopper, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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Models Available:

SINGLE PHASE (single phase input / single phase output)

SINGLE PHASE TO THREE PHASE (single phase input / three phase output)

THREE PHASE (three phase input / three phase output)


NOTE: Always follow manufacturers installation instructions. Shielded or screened cable recommended.

If you require any additional information please give us a call and our technical team will help you.